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The Green Investment Club is right for you if you are...

Wunmi Wunmi

open to admitting that some of the most important things you want to achieve in life depend on the income you earn and your current income will not get you there.


...or like Chidozie

focused on the long term and you understand there will be ups and downs, but you can make huge gains by investing smarter.


...or Victoria

with absolutely no problem saving money, but with no clue at all on how to invest or put it to work correctly.


...or maybe like Hakeem

you want to earn passive income and stop earning income only based on the hours you work but you're unsure how to get started.

Get the total package

The Black Member Plan gives you a solid foundation upon which you can build wealth and take control of your finances. With access to our repository of video lessons that teach how to invest correctly, credible opportunities and actionable tips and more, you have the education you need, the investments to choose from and expert advice where you need help.

Start somewhere

Stop waiting, join the house to get your investment journey started one week at a time. On the house member plan, you’ll benefit from the basic weekly investment opportunities that help you build up confidence towards achieving your financial goals. You can always upgrade once you’re ready to level up on those financial goals.

TGIC House

TGIC Black


Full club curriculum of courses
Access to recordings from past events/webinars
Access to our digital investment tool—Twelvevest
Weekly newsletters with actionable tips

(Our members tell us access to this alone is worth more than the cost of joining the club).

Standby support from team and other community members
Access to webinars
Discounted tickets Annual TGIC Hangout Series
Access to club’s partners and experts
Access to newsletters archive (from inception)


Introducing our
new sub-clubs

Stock Market Club

In a busy world filled with stock trading apps and little recommendations on what stocks to add to your personal investment portfolio, we bridge the gap with the stock market club. We understand that a random stock selection process is not the way to beat the market so we work with our members to curate long term portfolios that maximize earnings in both the Nigerian and US stock market. As a member of this club, you’ll get access to extensive research, insightful stock recommendations, stock calls and knowledgeable facilitators.

Venture Capital Club

Interested in investing in high growth start-ups across Africa? You should join this niche club as we partner with the top venture capital funds such as Future Africa, Lofty Inc and Get Funded Africa to educate our members on VC investing and pool funds to invest. Our mission is to provide funding for relevant companies powering economic growth and abundance in Africa.

You probably have a few questions

Is the membership fee part of my investment? or do I have to have to set aside cash to invest as a member?

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The membership fee is NOT invested for you. The membership fee is the cost of becoming a member of our community, the Green Investment Club. This gives you lifetime access to all the lesson modules in the TGC course, our constantly updated investment information board, the weekly newsletter and coaching from partner experts for free/discounted price.

What's the minimum amount required to invest as a member?

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We share a broad range of investment information received from SEC-affiliated/registered partners for different budgets. Our primary focus is to educate you on how to make investment decisions and then connect you to the partners who help you take action on building an investment portfolio with the investment opportunities they share or provide.

Do you make group investments? or monthly contributions?

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When we receive opportunities to invest as a group, we encourage the members who are interested to invest jointly as a group/syndicate. We encourage this when we see a higher ROI advantage or an opportunity to take advantage of a discount.

What is the Return On Investment (ROI) when I invest?

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We do NOT invest on behalf of our members. All we do is provide financial education material, connect you to credible investment opportunities from our investment partners and share the risks associated with each investment option. We believe that investment decisions are personal, so our members are expected to make investment decisions themselves based on their personal circumstances and education we provide. TGIC is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor or a broker or dealer. All information shared by TGIC are intended to be used and must be used for information purposes only. Although best efforts are made to ensure all information is accurate and up to date, occasionally unintended errors and misprints may occur. It is especially important that you do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You must obtain independent financial expert advise for any investment option on this Site and you must independently research and verify any information relied upon that you find on the Site, whether or not you are making an investment decision. You are responsible for all risks and financial resources you use and any chosen investment option. You should not participate in any information shared from any partner unless you fully understand the nature of the transaction you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks, you must seek independent advice from a financial advisor. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, nor is it indicative of future performance. You must be aware that all investments involve risks, and the value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money. All uses of the contents of the information shared, other than for personal uses, are prohibited.

What's not provided by the club?

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We provide financial education via our online-on-demand video courses and work with experts in SEC-registered/affiliated investment companies to provide our members educational webinars. Broadly speaking, we do not offer financial/investment advice, accounting advice, tax advice or legal advice. You can speak to your financial advisor, accountant, tax consultant or Lawyer for that.

How often do you share investment opportunities in the club?

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We share investment information received from our SEC-affiliated investment partner network with members every week via e-mail. We share investment information across multiple asset classes as recieved from our network.

Are you currently accepting new members into TGI Club?

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No. We are not currently accepting new members into the club. Membership is closed indefinitely.

How do I become a member of the TGI club?

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Membership of the TGI club is either by 'referral by an existing member' or by 'application'. On application, your application will be reviewed by the membership committee and the status of your application communicated to you in at least 7 days. Kindly also note that we do not have agents who work with us in the TGI club neither do we have any agents who receive payment on our behalf. All enquires can be sent to the official email address Finally, we do not accept payments to join the TGI club in any personal bank account. All payments to join the TGI club are only to be made to the corporate bank account of The Vestract Company (The current holding company for the TGI club). All other bank accounts provided are fraudulent and should be reported.

Where do club activities take place?

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Most club activities are available online except the annual TGI summit. You can access the lesson videos and webinar replays anytime and anywhere conveniently. You get lifetime access to the lesson videos so you can stay updated all the time and learn at your own pace.

Is the membership fee renewable?

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The TGIC membership fee is a lifetime membership fee. It is NOT charged again after the first payment. You pay once and that’s it! You become a lifetime member. That’s remarkable, isn’t it? However, note that your membership fee ONLY gives you access to what is outlined above. The stock market sub-club requires an annual membership fee due to the intricacies of the information we share on the Nigerian stock market and US stock market. Other sub-clubs require you to meet the minimum investment requirement and transactional charges for each transaction.

Do I get access to the sub-clubs when I join on the stated membership plans?

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No, you do not get access to the sub-clubs (Stock market club, Venture Capital club and Real Estate club) when you join with the stated membership plans. The sub-clubs were created for members who are interested in gaining deep insight and investing based on clear recommendations in the stock market or high growth start-ups. Based on this, members who are interested in the sub-clubs are required to sign up for the sub-clubs separately. The stock market sub-club attracts an annual membership fee, while the Venture Capital club and Real Estate club require members interested to meet the minimum investment requirement for the transactions within these clubs.

What will I learn as a member of the club?

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In the Green Investment Club, we do not teach get-rich-quick fixes. We focus on teaching you how to build a life that automatically makes it easy to make investment decisions. The truth is you can find a lot of this education online but from experience, we know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with financial information and not take action. That’s how the Green club is different from other personal finance communities. We teach you the best investment tips and help you take action by sharing credible investment opportunities with you.

What if I have a question not answered here?

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Send us an email at and we’ll send you a response within 12 hrs.

All clear? Ready to get started?

Join the biggest
investment club in Nigeria.

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Please be mindful of fake whatsApp identities, whatsApp groups, facebook groups or websites posing as The Green Investment Club or The TGI club. The Green investment Club does not operate any whatsApp groups or solicit for investment in any way or form from the public. Any message received soliciting for your money or promising returns in any way or form is false and should be reported to the police.

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