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The Green Investment Club (TGIC) is a community-based investment club focused on helping young people live the lives they want by providing access to financial education, insights and opportunities towards achieving their financial goals.

I was actively looking to find a group of like-minded people to invest with and verify opportunities to invest. The Green Investment Club came by, I jumped on the waitlist, and was eager for the club to open so I could get admitted.

Since I joined the Green Investment club, I have leveled up my investment from fixed deposit and treasury bills to understanding opportunities that exist in Agriculture, Credit (lending), Eurobonds, Stock Market (Locally & Globally). I have learned to make investment a bill and leverage the power of many to achieve my investment goal.

Busayo, Nigeria

Before I joined TGIC, I was constantly struggling with how to begin my journey as an investor. I save a lot but that was where it ended. I needed a place where I could get proper financial knowledge that I could trust and a platform to help me start my financial journey. When I was younger and I was asked what I wanted to be or what the 2030 version of myself was like, that version of myself always included being an investor, and becoming a member of TGIC started me off on that path in my life which I am very grateful for.

I feel proud, privileged, and thankful. TGIC has helped me craft a clear vision of my financial life and future. The platform has helped me become more knowledgeable in a carefully curated way, I no longer have to scavenge the internet trying to piece information together. Also, simply knowing that my finances are in check and I have the tools I need to grow it even more, has instilled confidence in other areas of my life.

Adaobi, Nigeria

Before I joined The Green Investment Club (TGIC) I had a good saving habit but I didn’t know much about investing. I had heard about some investment opportunities but as a typical Nigerian, I was quite sceptical. I didn’t want to lose money or end up being swindled.

So far, it has been a good experience. Every member of my family is now by extension, a member of the Green Club. I share the opportunities and we pool resources to invest. My dad had a bad experience from the stock market crash and has stayed away since then. Now he is back and making better informed decisions about the stock market.

Tolulope, Nigeria

Prior to joining The Green Investment Club (TGIC), I was simply afraid of investing in any investment opportunities in Nigeria because I had heard too many stories about people who lost their money from investing in projects, even the projects supervised by close family members.

Since becoming a member of the TGIC, I have not only been able to invest in Nigeria through a transparent process, but I have also started my own investment club in the US. While on deployment to the Middle East, I needed a way to save so I could take advantage of opportunities even while being at the battlefront. When we started in 2016, we grossed $72k in savings.

Wale, Texas

Hearing about TGIC felt like a dream come true. A community that would inform, verify, and provide diverse opportunities for me to invest, please sign me up! I was excited that I had finally discovered a path to financial independence. I must admit, I had the initial hesitation to join so I did some due diligence to decide if it would be worth my investment. Honestly, I should have joined earlier.

Since I joined TGIC, I’ve been able to achieve a better understanding of personal finance, dream bigger and acquire the right knowledge and exposure to investment opportunities in the Nigerian market and beyond. This enabled me to restructure and build a solid diversified portfolio. By the end of 2020, My investment portfolio had grown by 35x by consistently investing in the right opportunities and leveraging the effects of compound interest.

I am a strong advocate and very proud member of TGIC. It is still one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made, and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that the club continues to innovate and evolve, providing me with even more opportunities and guidance.

Tamara , Nigeria

Before joining TGIC I knew investing was something I wanted to take seriously, but I had also seen so many people lose money so it got me scared. I knew getting access to resource that could help a beginner investor like me navigate the waters was crucial.

Joining TGIC in late 2018, not only widened my knowledge and awareness of the numerous investment vehicles, but it has helped me successfully grow my money by taking advantage of investment opportunities. TGIC has also helped me grow as an investor and build my "investing stamina". I'm not the same person that was so scared to invest her money back in 2018

Thanks to TGIC I finally had the balls to invest in the stock market! And with very positive gains I might add. Thanks to the new Stock Market Club I'll start investing in the US stock market as well. In 2020, my goal was diversifying my investment portfolio, and thanks to TGIC I was able to do that successfully, and position myself for even more financial growth. I love TGIC because they put their money where their mouth is, and it instills a lot of confidence in its members.

Odunayo, Nigeria

Perfect is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe TGIC. TGIC helped me grow and surpass my investment portfolio target for 2020. With your guidance and support, I was able to grow my investment portfolio and surpass my growth target for 2020. My investment portfolio grew by 355%! Thank you for always educating and guiding us as members of the club. The financial education has really helped me as the learnings from the weekly emails and webinars helped me make the right decisions with my personal finances. Financial freedom is Bae. I have to appreciate team TGIC for getting me this far. They do a lot of excellent work. Looking forward to a successful 2021

Mopelola, Nigeria

I used to be an investment banker and my investment knowledge was centered on traditional options such as fixed deposit and treasury bills. I was unaware of other numerous alternative investment opportunities that existed.

When I joined the Green Investment Club in 2018, I was neck deep in school loans and I could not figure out how to grow an investment portfolio while meeting my obligations. Now, through the knowledge and the investment opportunities, I discovered through the Green Club, I have succeeded in paying down on all my loans and I have increased my investment portfolio by almost 90%.

Abimbola, Nigeria

Before I joined the Green Club, making financial decisions and knowing what to look out for when making an investment was a bit clumsy for me. Joining the club has helped me build and validate my investment acumen in so many ways.

I have taken financial decisions that have affected me positively such as being deliberate with my monthly budget, making investment a bill and diversifying my investment options extensively across multiple industries. Joining the club has also helped to improve my decision-making in business, especially with risk evaluation.

Abuchi, Nigeria

Before I joined the green club, I was living a vicious cycle of earning to spend. I could go from 100 to 0 and back to 100 in what seemed like an instant. I knew that proper financial planning was something that was wise to do, but never really understood why or how to go about it.

Now, being part of a community of proactive investors and having already-vetted investment opportunities delivered to me on a platter, eliminates the initial apprehension I would have had to deal with if I had to do the vetting all by myself.

Oluchi, Nigeria

I joined the Green Investment Club because my friend, Isi, advised me to. I was at a point where I was aggressively saving my money but didn’t have any ideas what else to do with it. Now I have a diverse investment portfolio, thanks to the club. I am no longer tempted by the latest “flavour of the day” when it comes to possible investments.

I have an investment plan, and I am working towards it. So, no matter how attractive an investment opportunity looks, I now have the investment education and discipline to know if it’s really something I should invest in or not.

Osemhen, Nigeria

Since I joined TGIC, I have consolidated my stock portfolio (this is a big deal because I do not live in Nigeria) and I don’t keep loose cash anymore. My money works hard. My budget is strict and I look at my numbers critically now to ensure there is no wastage. My bank account is always empty now because I keep my money busy running ‘errandssss’.

In addition, my old school mates and I started an investment club and we are growing together, we have sealed deals worth millions till date with very good returns. We have BIG dreams and I have earned the nickname “The Money Woman” from my friends because I believe we need to help build a generation that will not depend on their children in old age and it starts now.

Tolu, Canada

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Please be mindful of fake whatsApp identities, whatsApp groups, facebook groups or websites posing as The Green Investment Club or The TGI club. The Green investment Club does not operate any whatsApp groups or solicit for investment in any way or form from the public. Any message received soliciting for your money or promising returns in any way or form is false and should be reported to the police.

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